While tabbeau brand was under construction, sustainability was/is a priority. Every control and sustainability measures was put in place and that became our watchword. We strive to be 100% perfect as we evolve and stay true and transparent  with our journey to creating and building our integrity bearing in mind that your peace of mind is important.


The tabbeau brand perfume is of a very high quality which will make you feel great.

Our perfume natural ingredients are of the best quality one can find. Quality is never compromised so you can enjoy the most beautiful sensations nature has to offer.

• We ethically source our natural ingredients with respect to their communities.
• We use Natural Ingredients every time we can, and our perfume formulation is natural. This is quite an achievement in our industry, so it is worth mentioning.

We use green chemistry every time we can, and our perfume formulation is green between 89% and 95%


We are a small enterprise, but we choose to work with factories that put people and nature at the center of their business. Beside producing our fragrances in the cleanest environments possible, we also dedicate resources to protecting our environment.

Our partnering factory in the Barrington Village CFC (Citizens for Conservations) protects natural areas. They led the initiative to protect public land in the Barrington, Illinois area. Years of planning, urging, and negotiating resulted in the creation of four new forest preserves: Ela Marsh, Fox River Preserve and Marina, Grassy Lake Preserve and Baker's Lake Younghusband Prairie. CFC itself owns eleven nature preserves encompassing.

So it gives you an idea of the efforts we make in our factories to maintain a safe and sustainable environment


•We will always formulate using a high concentration of natural and organic ingredients.
•Our products will always be vegan and cruelty-free.
•Our beauty formulas are all paraben-free, talc-free and free of chemical sunscreen. So they are excellent for your skin, and respectful of Nature.