Guide to Summer Vacations

Guide to Summer Vacations


Before I begin this guide, let's ensure that you are not forgetting traveling essentials to pack including the 10ml travel size set   of Tabbeau Fragrances which come in Mixed Feelings, Cherry Saffron, and Balsam Gilead.

Let's have a look at some top destinations to visit this summer.

Santa Barbara

The perfect summer guide is incomplete if traveling to a beach town is not in your list. Known for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, summer days are nothing short of unforgettable there.

Don't forget to enjoy surfing, hiking, swimming, shopping, visiting museums or the zoo while you are in the town.


New York

Always celebrating something, New York is one of the best cities to visit in summer. From exploring all the classic touristy spots to hanging out on the beach or going on a picnic in Central Park. I recommend taking advantage of the warm summer and trying amazing food options in the city.


For the lovers of classic tropical vibes, Hawaii is the go-to place. Laying out on the beach all day to snorkeling and swimming, there is always so much to do and have fun. You can enjoy scenic hikes or eat delicious bowls of fresh fish.


Los Angeles (LA)

With ample shopping spots and celebrities spotting too, LA spectacularity is unmatchable. Summertime is always special in Los Angeles due to the positive energy and vibes in the air. With so many museums and concerts to visit, amazing restaurants with many good food options, LA must be on your list.


For fairytale lovers, Orlando is a dream destination to visit. The disney park in Orlando is bigger than disneyland in California. A summer trip to Disney with your friends or family is going to be super enjoyable. You can also visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or can go shopping at Mall of Millenia there.

There is always so much to cover but for now pick any of the destinations mentioned in our guide and plan your next trip.

I hope you are feeling excited and eager to begin your next fun trip.


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